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Built around the theme #healingwithheat, Harvia’s hackathon is a unique event for creators and innovators to co-develop solutions for the future of sauna and spa industry. The event, 16-18 November 2021, was organised by Harvia Group.

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Because of restructure, I joined the project after the project has been initiated. At that point, there was no solid plan or marketing strategy for the event, and many questions came from the client. I need to act fast!

Marketing Strategy and Execution

Like usual, I spent a day doing research about the client and the hackathon. I found answers to basic questions: what, why, who, when, and how. When having a clear portrait of the targeted customers, I started to draft a plan, which coordinates all marketing activities on different channels, in accordance with the project timeline.

Now it comes to execution! I started with the easy part, getting customers agree on messages across social media channels. In the first month, we focused on creating an awareness for the event by doing organic social media and running a traffic campaign. The number increased slowly. After the first month, we received only 4 projects submitted and 6 people registered. Our client started to worry.

For the second month, we decided to hold a webinar in which there was a live Q&A. One week before the webinar, the number of participants in the webinar are only 12. I decided that we will put more effort on SoMe cross marketing and telephone marketing. Thanks to great effort of the team, we received 67 registration for the webinar after only one week. We sent a follow-up email with the recording of the webinar to everyone registered for the webinar. However, there was just a slight growth in the number of projects submitted (i.e. 8 projects and 20 participants). Our client is seriously worried now.

One week before the application deadline: I made an adjustment to the marketing strategies, putting an emphasis on cross marketing, paid SoMe, and direct matchmaking. The number showed a significant growth day by day. Ultimately, we received 29 projects and 64 participants from 10+ countries around the world.


  • Attracted over 4100 visits to the official event page
  • Reached 6,000 via organic SoMe and 70,000 via paid SoMe
  • Shared the information to 78 Facebook groups, 10 LinkedIn groups, and 36 universities and 17 startup hubs in Scandinavian region
  • Achieved average email open rate at 57.14% and email click rate at 14.6%
  • Converted 64 participants from 10+ countries around the world (e.g. Japan, Russia, Mexico, the U.K, the U.S, Vietnam, Estonia, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Spain, Croatia, and Norway)


It was the first time I experienced in team matchmaking. Many thanks to my colleague, L. This project also showed me the power of teamwork and collaboration. I also draw many lessons in leadership and marketing from this project.

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