Hack The Urban Circular Economy With Forum Virium Helsinki

This exciting hackathon, organised by Forum Virium Helsinki in collaboration with the City of Helsinki, took place on 27-29 January 2022. Forum Virium Helsinki is the City of Helsinki innovation company. The event aims to find brilliant ideas that harness the power of digitalisation to improve the current waste management in urban area.

  • Making Waste Talk Digi
  • Making Waste to Talk Digi

Customer story in number








It was a sunny day in October when I met our clients. Until now, I would say they were still among the best people to work with. The hackathon was a part of ‘Cross-Border Dimensions of Disruptive Information Technologies‘ (CroBoDDIT) project. Through the hackathon, our client aims to seek original out-of-the-box ideas which will accelerate the application of disruptive technologies in urban waste management. After the initial meeting, I reckoned that our clients this time have limited knowledge and experience in marketing regarding an open innovation event like this. Here I come in to help.

Marketing Strategy and Execution

Main channels we used during this project were social media and email. Teamwork is always the key factor of success. In this particular case, we especially harnessed the power of cross marketing. As a result, we successfully engaged various startup communities in Finland and around Europe in spreading the news.

Moreover, I was responsible for creating key visuals for the PR use. Based on thorough research, colour ‘orange’ was selected as theme colour because orange represents young power, creativeness and braveness. To emphasise the challenge topic, images that appeared on key visuals were also selected carefully.


  • Found a solution directly beneficial for the City of Helsinki
  • Reached the target groups by using various communication channels
  • Converted 35 talented people and received 15 projects
  • Attracted over 1600 visits to registration page
Figure 1. Demographic of participants by country

Thanks to this project, I gained great knowledge regarding construction wastes, methods to recycle waste and how individuals can help to boost circular economy in urban area. ♻️

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