Maya Moukbel
Head of Innovation, Ericsson MEA

Its been a fantastic experience working with Phuong during the Ericsson MEA Hackathons. Her proactive, positive, flexible, collaborative and professional attitude was simply wonderful and she always went the extra mile and beyond. Her insight and expertise in marketing added immense value to the project, in addition to the holistic approach she took in handling the marketing aspect of the project was very appreciated. A true asset to any team and project.

Paras Chopra
Head of Innovation and Product Development, Harvia Group

Phuong was instrumental in the success of our Hack The Sauna Hackathon done in collaboration with Ultrahack. Phuong lead the marketing tasks from Ultrahack side and through her efforts we were able to get a very good set of participants for the hackathon. She was meticulous in her planning and always kept the needed stakeholders informed about the progress and next steps.

Lucas Hoang
Chef, Founder of Latitude 25 – Omakase

A hardworking, responsible and on-time worker. I would say it was one of our greatest loss when Phuong decided to depart from our team. If you want to give a thing done with high expectation, Phuong would be the one you want to call for.

Katariina Palvas
Former Innovation Project Manager, Ultrahack

Working with Phuong has been always seemless! I have worked as a project manager in many projects with her, and always surprised how she ‘goes the extra mile’ for the customer. She stands out for her customer centric customer service attitude and positive team spirit! In addition she is is true marketing professional who has been capable to carry out complex marketing campaign in various countries and handled marketing kickoff meetings independently with customers such as Ericsson and Nokia.

Franklin Nhung Nguyen
Digital Marketing and Sale Specialist, Spinverse

Phuong is a talented marketer with diverse skillset, from creative copywriting, visual design, managing social media and more complex marketing campaigns. Phuong accomplishes her tasks and goes the extra mile. She takes initiatives and constantly strives to improve our work at Ultrahack. But above all, she is a great team member who manages her time well and I can always rely on her to get the job done. I believe she will be a valuable member in any team.

Joy Eghwa
Social Media & Brand Management, Ericsson

I enjoyed working with Phuong a lot. She is dedicated, good at what she is, on time with her work and does continuous follow up. She did a very good job for us when she did our works. She does not disappoint.

Federico Guerrini
Communication Lead, EIT Digital

Phuong is a very commited and hard-working person. It waspleasent and easy to liaise with her to implement the marketingpart of the hackathons.

Noora Reittu
Project Manager, Forum Virium

I had the pleasure of working with Phuong when we were planning the marketing measures for our hackathon. As a result of active hackathon marketing and Phuong’s expertise, we reached our target for the number of applications. She has strong expertise in social media marketing and data analytics.

Marja Viljanen
Senior Lecturer, LAB University of Applied Sciences

During the classes, she has demonstrated great initiative and a very positive attitude, as well as good team working skills. It has been a joy and a privilege to have her in my classes and I would rate her performance as far above average.

Jana Haggard
Project Manager, Ultrahack

Phuong is an impressive and dedicated marketing specialist who can be relied upon to plan, execute, and report on campaigns with professionalism and thoroughness. As a leader, she is able to delegate and manage followthrough of complex assignments across multiple team members. She is always on top of her projects and gives special attention to all our clients to meet everyone’s goals, and Phuong is moreover a delight to work with.

Anne Delgoulet
Production Manager, Ultrahack

Phuong is a talented professional, a marketer always keeping in mind company-wide business goals. She has a great customer centric attitude, always going the extra mile for the client but also to support her team. Phuong is a great team player excelling at prioritizing and time management. I can always trust her to get the job done, and to offer great support and perspective on my tasks. I strongly believe that Phuong would be an asset in any team that respects and welcomes her.

Ella Ronkainen
Service Designer, Client Relations, Ultrahack

Phuong is a trustworthy and intelligent digital marketing professional. She has an eye for social media content creations and demanding marketing strategic thinking in a multiple customer cases. She can lead the team and take responsibility independently in challenging and fast-moving situations.