Drone Tournament 2022 – The biggest drone competition in Finland

Drone Tournament, organised by Ultrahack and robots.expert, is the biggest drone competition in Finland. The event attracts many big names, i.e. Telia, Septentrio, u-blox, and STARA Helsinki Kaunpunki.

Background information

Drone Tournament is an annual event. However, Drone Tournament skipped the year 2020 because of Covid-19, resulting in a significant loss of its existing audience. There was also a disrupted communication between the organisers and partners. Here I come in to help as a marketing lead.

Marketing Strategy and Execution

My first action was to draft a marketing strategy where I highlighted the goal, the objectives, the target audience, and promotion timeline because I realised that despite the ineffective communication, the partners were very supportive. If I aligned all of them, scope of our marketing messages could be significantly extended. At that point, we also received an extra marketing support from GSMA, which is super great.

Now it comes to execution. We sent invitation emails to different newsrooms. We posted about the event weekly on all Ultrahack’s social media (SoMe) channels, with partners’ share and retweet. We posted about the event on many Facebook drone groups. We partnered with Geeksvana, an UK YouTube channel focused on drones and tech. We also sent a message to the every participants in the last tournaments.

Furthermore, I was responsible for creating key content which will be shared and used across channels, e.g. press, social media, email, and leaflets. The theme colour is red, mixed with gradient effect, to convey the modern feeling. All key creatives emphasised on the harmony between drones and urban cities. The creatives should include logos of all key partners and states clearly the event name.


After only 2 weeks, we had 20+ local and international newspapers featured the tournament. News about the event spread worldwide on social media channels. Geeksvana’s live special announcement of the tournament on YouTube had 391 views with high rate of interaction. Traffic to the website rocketed. So does the traffic to our SoMe channels!

Update: Drone Tournament 2011 was postponed because of Covid pandemic. The event successfully took place 8-10 June 2022 and found it winners.